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About Summit Films, Inc.
Roger Brown is a film producer with a half a century of experience. He knows a good story when he sees one and he knows how to assemble the crews that can turn dreams into realities.

He has received 4 National Emmy's; 1st place awards at Banff, Cortina, Michigan Outdoor Writers, Telluride, and Trento. 

He was recognized by Worldwide Who's Who as a VIP in 2014.

Brown's first films were about skiing. He and his partner Barry Corbet left traditional travelogue formats and created stories that captured the imaginations of their audiences. Recognition of their unique productions has been world wide. Soon they branched out into other subjects; kayaking, climbing, hang gliding, and environmental issues. They launched expeditions around the world for network television.

Brown's sons Gordon, Mike, and Nick picked up the torch, now making adventure films that Brown never thought possible.
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