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58 Years of Sports Action

Filmmaker Roger Brown is digging up dozens of his classic films
on the Rocky Mountain West and around the world for audiences new and old.  

Summit Films has been recognized for its groundbreaking, innovative productions that created a new genre of sports action. These films have won numerous festival awards (including four national Emmys), and other honors and recognition.  

In addition to skiing in the major resorts of the Rockies, Brown has filmed rock climbing in Yosemite, whitewater kayaking in the Grand Canyon, environmental issue films on water, grazing, and timber on Public Lands, as well as numerous exotic adventures in remote corners of the world.

Get to know skiing greats like Stein Eriksen, Billy Kidd, Suzie Chaffee, and Roger Staub. Other sports included are white kayaking, hang gliding, and climbing with Yvon Chouinard, Royal Robbins, and Tom Frost. 

There are numerous outlets for these shows: web and social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, as well as a number of offline theaters or venues. Roger is available for personal appearances and will share intriguing behind- the- scenes stories. 

Inquire about using Summit Films, Inc. stock footage and still photos for feature films and documentaries for your own productions. A vast library of stock photos from around the world is also available.

Bookings Available

Roger Brown will screen his films and tell “behind the scenes” stories about their production. These will be one hour plus or minus presentations.

The shows:

Vail The Rise of America’s Iconic Ski Resort. The history of Vail

Snow Sports in Summit County. “The Magic Skis”, comedy featuring Sara Schleper and Ryan La Grange, Bill Kerig, Dave Hilb, plus actors Robert Moore Jr., Susan Pederson, Cindy Naill. There are a few shots of Keystone pioneers Max and Edna Dercum and more ski history from the 1971film “Ski America” featuring Rudi Wursch skiing on stilts in the streets of Breckenridge, and “Air Time”- an incredible wild action filmed in several resorts. Two shows.

Ski America 1971, with Billy Kidd, the Cowboy Downhill, the Slush Cup, Stein Eriksen at Snowmass, and Pioneer hangglider pilot Jeff Jobe in Vail.

The Hart Ski Films. The birth of aerial acrobatics and stunt skiing, featuring Roger Staub, Suzie Chaffee, Herman Gollner, Tom Leroy, and Art Furrer. The films; “The Incredible Skis”, “Ski the Outer Limits”, “The Moebius Flip”, and the Great Ski Chase (featuring Fred Iselin). Big award winners. Two or more shows available. 

Sentinel: the West Face Yosemite climbing and The Edge with pioneer big wall climbers Yvon Chouinard, Tom Frost, and Royal Robbins. 

The Diamond Couloir on Mount Kenya, Africa. An ice climb with Yvon Chouinard and Mike Covington, and other excerpts from “The Edge”.

Nzuri: East Africa. Gold metal in the Atlanta Film Festival. This experimental art film combines the cinemagraphic efforts of Roger Brown and Robert Fulton. Bob was master of single framing, and other wonderful subjective camera moves with a Bolex camera. Lots of wildlife

*Kayaking. The Grand Canyon of the Colorado, the Yampa Green Rivers, and the Dolores River with kayakers Walt Blackadar, Fletcher Anderson, Cully Erdman, and others.

*Exploring Northern Greenland with Inuit Ole Organ Hammiken, anthropologist Peter Skafte, and symphony composer Dennis Schmitt among others.

*Diving in Mexico with Ramon Bravo. Surfing 30 foot waves at Weimea Bay in Hawaii, and the story of how the richest man in the world met and envied a poor turtle fisherman at Scammon’s Lagoon in Baja California.

Western Ranching: Culture in Crisis. This is the film that stopped a public lands grazing fee increase that would have severely compromised ranching in the American West.

Forest Wars. This film is about the struggle to keep Federal Lands open to logging. It is a story that has special significance in light of recent catastrophic wildfires.

*Other Ski Resort shows in development Taos, Winter Park, Telluride, Aspen.

(* Being edited.)

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